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I just returned from a visit to West Virginia and the home of Joseph Chilton Pearce. From our first meeting years ago I recognized that Joe is an original. Like Rembrandt or Stravinsky he brought forth and expressed something unique, a vision of human potential, capacity and development that is fresh, up to date and vast.

Reading one or two of Joe’s books reminds me of the story of three blind men and the elephant. ‘It is a tree. It is a snake. No, it is a wall.’ In truth, it is an elephant, a whole integral, continually expanding and deepening inquiry that blends direct visionary experience with developmental science, weaving a bold and uplifting tapestry of what it means to be a human being – like no other!

pearce interview

Joe and I are working on a new project, a biographical-anthology of his collected publications including: Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Exploring Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, Magical Child Matures, Bond of Power, Evolution’s End, Biology of Transcendence, The Death of Religion and Rebirth of Spirit, and Strange Loops, Gestures of Creation. The goal is to express his lifelong explorations as a single unified body, each book being a chapter in a continually unfolding and expanding story.

Selections from all of his major publications will be seasoned with Joe’s reflections of the events and experiences that inspired his writings.

Our gift today is one of our best interviews, a full two hours, and one of the first where Joe shared his passion so intimately. I invite you to sit back, grab a cup of tea, and be inspired.

Michael Mendizza


FYI, the 2 hour program takes a few seconds to load.

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