Everything Unconscious

by Michael Brady

 A Visual Trance Experience

Please don’t read this while driving or operating heavy machinery. I will attempt to induce a trance for you while you are reading this article!  I decided this week that I wanted to help my readers learn more about their mind and how it works. To correct some of the myths that we all absorbed or assumed were the case about our conscious/unconscious (CNC/UNC) mind, hypnosis and trance.  I then thought that will probably bore them into a trance or worse yet, put them to sleep in mid read. And too, your eyes would shut as that occurred wouldn’t they? Then how are you going to read on?

Wait a minute. I’ve read lots of books, usually novels or books that were recreational in nature. And I’ve gotten lost in them as I read. The world went away as I read and I got totally immersed in the story. Guess what. That is experiencing a trance while our eyes are open and we are actively reading! So my desire must be possible. But how do I pull it off in this context? That got my creative juices flowing. So I started thinking about other kinds of spontaneous trances that naturally occur while our eyes are open. For instance, if you trying to put something together that comes with instructions, you do a sequence of actions. You read the instructions. You look at the object involved. You look into the distance and think about the puzzle you’re trying to solve. You take an action. You read the instructions. You look at the object involved and so on. That part where you are looking into the distance and thinking, that’s a trance. Wait, have you ever caught yourself daydreaming? That’s a trance. Do you drive a car? Oh boy, don’t quote me in court, but when you are comfortably coasting down the road, you are driving in a trance. Maybe you combine it with daydreaming too!

Okay, so the kind of thinking referred to above is called passive or diffusional thinking. This goes with the UNC mind or trance. The other kind of thinking, which goes with the CNC mind, is called focal. Can you space out with your eyes open and read. That’s your part, today, in this visual trance experiment.


I will change the kind of type you are reading for the trance part of the article. It will be bolder and easier to read. I will also write in the same way I speak hypnotically. To accomplish this I will use periods (.) to indicate a 1 second interval. Each period means that you pause 1 second or count, one thousand one, etc.

I will also write in what I’ll call hypnotic grammar. Sentences will be broken up in unusual ways. Go with the flow of clumps of words and thoughts and pause for the count of the periods. When you are reading the next part don’t concentrate on understanding what things mean or think about them while you are reading it. If you catch yourself concentrating just fuzz out again as you read on. You could take a deep breath too, as you go. Okay so when you are ready go into a trance, experience and learn some things about how your mind, body and feelings work together for you, get comfortable and take 5 or 10 deep sighing breaths in a row. This will make your head feel a little spacey and/or your muscles feel a little spongy. Then close your eyes and say to yourself, “I am ready to experience a trance”. Then open your eyes and begin to read out loud to yourself.


Recall UNC means unconscious and CNC means conscious. And remember to read out loud, and count one thousand one and so on for each period (.), silently. Focus visually on each period as you count. Read out loud and count silently. 

Learning is an UNC event.. Anything that is new involves a point in time, when we don’t know, or can’t do… Then there is a point in time.. when we do know, or can do… We are never able, to completely understand or explain what happens in between…. Just before this happens though.. We are CNC’LY trying to understand or do.. And we are feeling frustrated… When we finally say, the heck with it.. And let go.. of frustration our UNC mind takes over…  And in a flash we get it!…. We say I understand, or look what I just did…. Learning something new is magical!!…. And it is really a two step cooperation between the CNC… and UNC mind!… We usually, never understand this ourselves.. or are told this by our teachers…. We mistakenly believe.. that all of our focused thought and effort…. was responsible, for getting it…. The role of the CNC mind, in learning is.. to decide what we wish to learn… and to focus our attention… on the task. Until we reach the point… where we are frustrated… and give up… or give out…. and the UNC does its magic… This is because CNC process.. is focused and effortful… And UNC process.. is diffusional and effortless… The CNC mind thinks in a logical, serial, reductionistic fashion…. The UNC mind thinks in a creative, multi-directional, expansive fashion…. They are meant to work in a complimentary cooperative manner with each other…. So the next time you are doing something physical for the first time… Tackle it… or practice it… no longer than… 20 minutes at a time… Then take a break… for 5 minutes… Come back and work for another 20 minutes… And take a break for 5 minutes… and so on…   The next time you read something that involves… new learning… or comprehension… read short sections… Look up for 5 seconds… and space out… Then CNC’LY focus and see… what you can recall… Look down and read on… Look up for 5 seconds… See what you can recall…  Read on… Alternate this with… reading the same material.. all the way through… normally… See if you can feel…  the difference… This alternation between… CNC and UNC process…  takes a little getting used to… It will feel awkward.. at first … This is normal… Just keep.. playing with it… And you will begin to develop a smoother more cooperative… relationship between your… CNC and UNC mind…. In fact, you could read and re-read… this article day after day… for a week or so… as described… and achieve the same thing…  and you would be developing your ability to shift…  in and out of trance… as well.

Now stop reading hypnotically. Shake it off.

       Notice any differences in yourself as you return to your normal state of being? I would love to hear from you about your experience of this article. Send comments to creativech@aol.com.  And don’t forget to go to creativechoices.com and download your free hypnotic mp3 Relax and Rejuvenate Yourself on our home page.  Yours Truly.



Michael Brady is the co-founder and Vice President of the International Center for Creative Choices, Inc. Michael has a B.S. in Psychology from Towson State University and an M.A. in Clinical/Developmental Psychology from Anitoch University. He assists clients in connecting with their unconscious motivations, attitudes and emotions through guided hypnotic meditations. He utilizes past life regression in conjunction Karmic Astrology to promote Soul/Personality Integration.


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